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1 Victoria Grove, Second Avenue
Brighton & Hove, England, BN3 2LJ
United Kingdom

01273 727234

Cameron Contemporary Art is dedicated to showing a changing programme of high quality established and exciting up and coming British artists.


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focus on luella martin



The focus on Luella Martin runs from the 6th April 2019.

Alongside Luella’s works we are showing a selection of paintings, prints and sculpture from gallery artists.

During March and April we are running a series of “Focus on”, featuring several of the most collectable gallery artists. From 5th April, we focus on Brighton artist, Luella Martin.

Luella’s solar etchings are always in great demand in the gallery and at Art Fairs. The work is haunting and timeless and we are delighted to be showing a collection of Luella’s work in the gallery. We are also very happy to announce that Luella has created an exclusive new work for Cameron Contemporary to coincide with the show. Two Trees ( featured above) is in an edition of 20 and is priced at £180 framed.

Luella Martin - Artist Talk and Demonstration 

Thursday 11th April

7pm - 8pm

"What is Solar Etching?"



It is safe to say that the question I am most asked in the gallery and at Art Fairs  is ”What is solar etching?”

  To help answer the question we are delighted that Luella has agreed to come along to the gallery and explain the mysteries of solar etching, give a short demonstration and talk  about her career.

As numbers are limited please contact the gallery asap to book a place.

 We will provide a glass (or two) of wine or something non-alcoholic.

Luella's work explores landscapes and skylines, usually in the Sussex countryside and coastal areas using the mediums of solar etching and oil painting. These images come from observing and visiting the same places many times. 

The solar etchings are all hand-made limited editions printed by the artist.

Solar etching differs from traditional etching in that the plate is made using sunlight (or UV lamp) and tap water, making it a non-toxic process which avoids hazardous chemicals. The plate is then inked up "intaglio" and printed by hand in exactly the same way as a traditional etching, using an etching press. 

Luella's etchings are often printed over the edge of the paper with no border and sometimes ink is brushed or rolled on to the plate or the paper is painted before printing.


From Saturday the 23rd of March we focus on Brighton artist Victoria Graimes. Victoria’s stunning land and seascapes are hugely popular in the Gallery and at Art Fairs and are always an absolute pleasure to exhibit.

We think this new body of work from the artist’s Studio is her strongest to date - definitely worth seeing in the gallery.


The focus on Victoria Graimes runs from the 23rd of March.

Alongside Victoria’s works we are showing a selection of paintings, prints and sculpture from gallery artists.

Victoria’s paintings tend to evolve from a charcoal sketch, developing as the paint is applied tonally. Often layers are removed to unveil previous layers and then reworked over time until the painting starts to contain its own weight or presence.

Victoria originally studied Mural Design at Chelsea School of Art in 1985. Her interest in surface texture led her to continue her studies in Textile Design at Somerset College where she graduated in 1989.

Her final year show so impressed the David Hicks Interior Design Group, that they purchased the entire show and Victoria became involved in producing artwork for their interior design projects.

She continued to explore a career with interior designers, working in various roles, in-house with Timney Fowler in Chelsea and in 1994, designing backdrops for Louis Vuitton for their Spring shop window display, worldwide. In 1997, Victoria set up Egg & Dart, a Textile Design company selling fashion and furnishing fabric designs, partaking in Premier Vision, Paris and travelling to New York on seasonal selling trips. In 2001 she took time out from the business to raise her two sons, returning to painting in 2007 where she began to develop her work as a fine artist, initially exploring acrylics and finding her unique style when she began to paint in oils. Victoria is now successfully exhibiting her work throughout the UK and her oil paintings are held in collections worldwide.


“The coastline has always been my inspiration, the amazing light, the huge and ever changing skies and beautiful dramatic coastlines, I have always greatly admired the Cornish abstract impressionists, Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron and Ben Nicholson, whose work draws directly from experiences of a dramatic or calmness in nature and landscape. More recently I have found myself looking at the work of Turner with his amazing sense of light. I’m inspired by the patterns nature creates – the force of the elements against the landscape, and the art it creates by itself with erosion and decomposition against rock, sands, and man-made objects.

My work is rarely an actual place, instead I hope to build an atmosphere in a painting which draws you in and allows you to imagine yourself there, stood on a cliff, a beach or behind the dunes, exposed to the elements and the unpredictability of nature. My paintings are more about the light and the feelings a place can evoke in the viewer, the emotions that a memory of a place and time can stir within. A memory of thoughts and feelings within a landscape, often a special and private moment, where the vastness and beauty of the landscape around you brings a sense of perspective, clarity and calm.”

Hannah Ludnow


Kate sees animals and humans in a quirky, whimsical and highly individual way and there is an engaging eccentricity to much of her work which makes you laugh out loud.

Kate is a skilled print maker as well as an accomplished artist, with her sure sense of line and unusual colour. She often adds her own personal jokes into the titles of her work, indicative of her free spirit and original take on life.

The late George Melly once called Kate Boxer as “a remarkable creative spirit: her images and the means to realise them are at one” - a description we happily and wholeheartedly agree with.

Also included in the spring show